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Do’s and Dont’s of the Male Stripper Party Bus in Vegas

Posted by TRENZ Las Vegas on Sep 20, 2013 6:48:00 AM


Party Bus in VegasDon’t get burned! Approach with extreme caution. The Do’s and Don’ts of the Male Stripper Party Bus in Vegas are very simple but please take note. This amazing idea when done correctly can be the hit of your Las Vegas Bachelorette party weekend, but when done incorrectly can have disastrous results. Read the following and avoid the horrors that could possibly await you.

The Male Stripper Party Bus in Vegas is becoming increasingly popular amongst bachelorette parties. They seem to be looking for something out of the ordinary that will be of interest to all of the attending party goers. It’s a really fun idea but it’s important to approach this concept with caution. Here is some helpful information for anyone considering a male stripper party bus package.

What to do! What not to do!

The “DO’s”

It’s easy! There is only 1 Do! Book your male stripper party bus through a Las Vegas based professional party planning company that offers this service. It’s not cheap but if you want it done correctly, this is the ONLY way to do it. Are you looking for a stress free low maintenance experience? Yes? Then it will be worth every penny you spend.

The “DONT’S”

Male Stripper Party Bus in Vegas

Do not, and I repeat do not try to make the arrangements for this type of party on your own. The failure rate of groups attempting to do this on their own is extremely high. I understand that people have party budget parameters, but trying to save money on this particular concept will cost you in the long run. I have seen this scenario played out so many times and yet each time I am still in shock. It goes like this.

The party coordinator calls a party bus company and rents the bus, not knowing what type of bus or for that matter the quality of the vehicle. She then calls the proverbial entertainment / escort agency who guarantees her a male entertainer for her specific party date and time. Sounds good right? She arrives in Vegas, if smart, she calls both companies to confirm. They both confirm with her. The party bus and the entertainer will be there tonight. Hurray! Go Team!

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…it’s Party Time!

Your party guests are in the casino ready to go, dressed to impress and feeling amazing. Now maybe, just maybe, the party bus and the male entertainer will show up on time and everything in your world will be perfect and harmonious as if the heavens opened up and shined down upon you.

Or it could go a little something like this….

Male Stripper Party Bus in VegasThe party bus shows up and prince charming does not. Or the party bus is late and prince charming doesn’t want to wait so he leaves to go to another party, or prince charming and the party bus show up on time but prince charming is not exactly prince charming, he is still in “skinny boy frog format” and I don’t care how many times you kiss this frog, he will be a frog until he turns into a pumpkin at midnight. You get the point?

There are far too many variables to concern yourself with. The bus, the male entertainer, the scheduled time, the pickup location, etc. This is not as easy as “Stripper meets Party Bus”. It’s an actual production that must be planned out thoroughly and in advance. There are logistics involved that only a Vegas based party planning company can navigate. Not to mention, they do it all of the time. That is why it’s done perfectly.

The Male Stripper Party Bus in Vegas is an awesome idea, but only if it’s done correctly. Don’t miss out on this fun experience. I truly recommend it to those who are looking for something unique and memorable. Call a Las Vegas based professional party planning company for assistance. They will make it simply amazing.

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Party Bus in Vegas

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