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3 Extreme Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas with a Twerk

Posted by TRENZ Las Vegas on Sep 9, 2013 12:34:00 PM


Extreme Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Coming up with new ideas for a Bachelorette party can be difficult. You want to outdo your friend’s last bachelorette party, make an impression on the bride-to-be and at the same time try to please all of the other party goers. How do you do that? It’s a lot to juggle. Let’s face it, being a maid of honor is a tough job that comes with a lot of responsibility and stress.

The biggest question you, the maid of honor, has to answer is “What do you we do?” You want the Bachelorette party to be a fresh and unique idea. So where do you start? Sounds like we need some professional advice, so we consulted the King himself. Tony Ranaudo King of the Girls Night Out. If anyone would have some unique Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas it would be Tony.

Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas King of the Girls Night Out Tony RanaudoWho is Tony Ranaudo? King of the what? I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but Tony has an extensive background in the girls night out arena. Tony, a former Chippendale dancer and former owner of Los Angeles based male strip club “LaBare Hollywood”, is truly a Girls Night Out legend. He has entertained more bachelorette parties than the “Dicky Boppers”. What’s a “Dicky Bopper? Uhhhhh not now, I’ll explain later. Let’s move forward and “Plan That Party.”

When we consulted Tony we asked him to put together some Vegas bachelorette party ideas that would be unique and a bit on the extreme side, and boy did he come up with some doozies! He did not just Tweek the bachelorette party idea, he Twerked it.

Tony assembled a group of party packages designed for the more extreme bachelorette party goers. So if you’re just looking for dinner and dance club stop reading now because you are about to be served up a buffet of naughty and dangerous opportunities that will possibly have you in therapy for the next 6 years. 

Stop! Don’t you do it…No! No! Turn back while you still can.

Now that I have the attention of just the extreme party girls, let’s stop the chit chat and dive right in.

Welcome to Vegas bachelorette party ideas with Tony Ranaudo.

Behind door #1 Tony Ranaudo presents…

“The LaBare Booty Cruise” It’s the Ultimate Male Stripper Booze Cruise

Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas LaBare Booty CruiseMale Strippers are fun, Party Buses are more fun, put them together and throw in some adult beverages and you have the chemistry for an explosive girls night out event. Buckle your seatbelts and hold onto your panties, the male stripper party bus is going to be a little bumpy.

You and girlfriends will take a 90 minute private party cruise on the Las Vegas strip in a luxury party bus complete with male strippers, a stripper pole, flat screen tv’s, plus state of the art surround sound and lighting. It’s an absolute blast and you will surprise your bride-to-be with a night that she never would have expected in a 100 years. If the bus is a rockin, don’t come a knockin.

Behind door #2 Tony Ranaudo presents…

“Shoot the Big Guns and Watch the Hot Buns”

This is an interesting mix of power and prowess. Start the day at the Firing Range shooting the BIG GUNS, that’s right girls you will feel the power of fully automatic weapons in your hands. Former military turned professional range masters will oversee and teach you how to handle the fire power of military grade weapons. Walk the line of danger and walk away with a skill and confidence that you have never had before.

That night you will be off to the mother of all male strip clubs, Olympic Gardens. Start the night with a VIP Champagne Party Cruise that stops at the Vegas sign and continues on to the male strip club. You’ll have a VIP Table with bottle service and a premier view of main stage. Did I mention your guest of honor will be going on that stage? Hmmm…very naughty but a great photo op!

Behind door #3 Tony Ranaudo presents…

“The Full Monty”

Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas Full MontyWhen you decide to think outside of the box and consider the extreme, the exclusive, the unthinkable “The Full Monty” is a natural choice for a memorable evening between girlfriends. Nothing says, “Don’t you dare tell a soul about this”, more than a naked man humping your girlfriend before she gets married. Just kidding, this ONLY happens to the maid of honor, it’s completely legal and somewhat refreshing. So I’ve been told, it’s just hearsay but let’s go with it. 

There is a secret place in Las Vegas where this particular experience is available, but you will need professional assistance and guidance to get there and back unscathed. It will be a fun filled VIP evening which will require you to sequester the bridal party and swear them to a life time oath of secrecy. This experience goes to the grave, on the head stone for each party guest you will read “here lies, the lies”.

Okay maybe that’s a little over dramatic but seriously, everybody better put a zip lock on the chatter box. It’s safe, it’s fun, everyone will have a blast and when it’s over you will never forget it.

These Vegas bachelorette party ideas were brought to you by Senior VIP Host Tony Ranaudo, King of the Girls Night Out. Tony works for TRENZ Las Vegas VIP Travel and Entertainment and is available to help you plan an amazing bachelorette party in Vegas. Don’t stress, call Tony, he’ll plan your party in 30 minutes or less.

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