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Do’s and Dont’s of the Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Posted by TRENZ Las Vegas on Aug 26, 2013 8:31:00 AM


las vegas bachelor partyThe Las Vegas bachelor party is a really exciting idea for the bachelor as well as the party guests. First of all, it’s Vegas, duh, let’s party! Secondly, there are so many fun choices packed into such a small area that you can do more in a weekend here than you could in your hometown.

At your fingertips you’ve got amazing Restaurants, Nightclubs, Cigar Lounges, Sports Bars, Sporting Events, Gambling, Strip Clubs, and Shooting Ranges plus Golfing and other outdoor activities.

All of this is either on or within reach of the Las Vegas Strip. Getting to and from any of these locations is simple with Limousine transportation, shuttles, taxis or you can walk from place to place.

Las Vegas is one gigantic playground, so once you arrive, you are at the party. All of your buddies are centrally located in one hotel, your favorite beverages are available 24/7, and there is no need for a designated driver. Sounds pretty simple right? Just land in Vegas and get your party on. Well it’s sort of that easy but if you’re not careful there could be some complications.

Planning a Bachelor Party in Vegas?

Here are the simple DO’s and DONT’s

The DO’s

Plan ahead. Do not wait until you arrive in Las Vegas to begin the planning process.

las vegas bachelor partyDo some Research. There are so many fun things to do in Vegas that without research you will never know they exist.

Hire a VIP Concierge or VIP Party Planner. The knowledge base of these professionals can streamline your planning process. Working with a reputable company can be extremely helpful. 

las vegas bachelor party

Communication. It’s the Bachelors weekend so what he says goes, but it’s also important to discuss the venues, restaurants, and activities with everyone who is attending. It’s not easy to make everyone happy but communication will be the key to the success of your weekend.

Budget is a BIG one.
Once again consult your party guests to be sure that everyone is comfortable with similar spending. It is easy to jump from a $300 person budget to a $3,000 per person fat cat budget in the blink of an eye. Planning ahead will help keep the cost down and the fun factor at its highest point.

The #1 DO is have fun, be safe and create long lasting memories.

The DONT’s

las vegas bachelor partyDon’t arrive in Vegas without a Plan. You will spend more money and accomplish less. You will only be in Vegas for 48 – 72 Hours. Would you rather spend your time figuring out what to do? Or be prepared and get the most out of your Vegas adventure? Hmmm tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock…DING! You know the answer.

Don’t wait until the last minute to Book Travel and Hotel Rooms. We all know that Prices increase exponentially as your chosen travel dates get closer, so do not wait, get your group organized months in advance. Express to them the importance of “Commitment is key”, “Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution”, “Early bird gets the worm”, Okay maybe the worm one is a bit off color when men are talking to men but there you go. Get’er DONE!

Las Vegas Bachelor PartyHoliday Weekends?
Unless you have an open ended budget or a corporate expense account avoid planning your party on a Holiday weekend. You will of course have an extra day off of work but you will be paying 30% - 40% more for Hotels, Airfare, Nightclubs, Pool Parties and possibly limousine transportation. It might make sense but it might not. It’s definitely on a case to case basis so think it through and come up with the best plan.


Don’t shop price, Shop service. Everybody loves a deal, there is no doubt about that, but be cautious with this concept in Vegas especially when you are considering VIP services at Nightclubs and Pool Parties. Let’s face the facts, Nightclubs and Pool Parties are expensive so just accept it and move forward. Either spend the money or don’t spend the money. When it comes to Nightclubs and Pools if you shop the price you will pay the price.  

I have watched many bachelor parties buy into these so called “Deals” where it ends in a frustrating disaster. The group arrives at the venue only to find that their reservation does not exist or it does exist but the venue cannot honor the deal that they were promised, so now the venue employees attempt resolve the situation with a friendly upsell. Don’t allow your group to get caught up in this messy downward spiral.

Don’t go to Jail.
This one should go without saying but here it is for your viewing pleasure. This is not necessarily from my own life’s experience but I will say with poignant accuracy “the Las Vegas Jail is not a fun or fashionable place to spend your bachelor party weekend.”

las vegas bachelor party

I know it's Vegas, but EVERYTHING isn't legal in Vegas. The city still has laws and you must abide by them or suffer the consequences. The Vegas Police department has a strong presence on the Strip. They are completely aware that people come to Vegas to party, so just be cool and have fun.

In closing, the Las Vegas Bachelor party is a great choice for any group of guys that want to create a fun and memorable experience for the Groom to Be. It’s really simple stuff, do the research and assemble a plan of action or call a professional Vegas party planning company and let them do the work for you. Good luck and safe travels.


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